Sanctuary Veterinary | About Us
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About Us

” At Sanctuary Health, we take the extra steps to ensure all our products meet the intended functional application. “

Located in Malaysia, our company, Sanctuary Health was founded in the year 2002 specializing in manufacturing latex products for medical, dental and veterinary.


At Sanctuary, we develop latex products for its very specialized use. One of them is our Sanctuary Cow Hoof Cover which is designed to fit the contour of the various size of cow hoofs.


Made from elastic and water resistant features of natural rubber, we have developed an all new cow hoof cover which fit its purpose better.

Our Mission

To promote benefits of natural latex products. Natural latex products are fully bio-degradable and thus extremely eco-friendly.

Our Goal

We believe in total customer satisfaction. Our goal is to achieve an overall customer satisfaction through the commitment of each department in their organization.